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Web App Design and Development

Mobile Friendly Web Applications and Customer Portals, Administrative / Intranet Tools, Data Driven (SQLServer), WebAPIs, Integration

Mobile friendly web apps often become the primary portal for your customers, partners, and employees to interact with your services. Our Web Apps also provide a cost effective and simple means of increasing brand visibility and "stickiness" with your clients.

Additionally, enhancing your existing apps or creating new ones will allow your employees to work from anywhere and possibly reduce IT costs.

From Order Entry to Tracking, from Route Design to Viewing Drivers, from Entering and Viewing Job Status.


Mobile App Design and Development

Android and iOS Mobile Apps, Xamarin, Native

Mobile Sample Mobile Sample Have an idea for that next great app? Or mayby you need a mobile companion app for an existing site. No matter the reason, mobile applications are becoming a powerful productivity tool, and a way to connect with your user base beyond the reach of a desktop/laptop.

A second approach to obtaining mobile functionality includes a mobile-friendly web application. This leverages the same server side capability (i.e. data retrieval, updates, etc.) with the caveat of having to be connected via phone or wi-fi. Significant cost savings can be obtained however from this approach and future enhancements become far less expensive.


Custom Software

.Net, C#, Visual Studio, MVC, SQL Server, WebAPIs

Desktop Even with the leap to cloud computing, there are times when a program is required to interface with local hardware and quickly process and return such large amounts of data that a desktop application is still the best, most cost-effective solution.

Let us build your desktop application. We’ll make it robust and secure. Code Sample

Perhaps you need a hybrid solution that integrates with an existing or third party system. A custom solution may be your only option.



Backlog Support, Project Based/Ongoing, Microsoft, .Net, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Xcode/Android Studio

MPL There are times when you only need a handful of hours each week or month to maintain an existing system. I can help with small updates and enhancements to an existing site or application.


Legacy (Old Code) Conversions

Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Web App Conversions, Access/Excel to Web App/SQLServer Conversion, Old Code (ex: Asp / Web Forms) to ASP.Net MVC

Legacy Often clients will be using software that worked great back in 2003 but at this point, the developer has long since left the company making support and enhancements difficult if even possible. These legacy apps were created in Excel, Access, Visual Basic, or use older web techniques (ex: asp or WebForms). I've taken on numerous legacy conversions and the approach is to divide-and-conquer with incremental updates/rollouts.